Getting involved is the only way to be heard

If we sit back and wait for others to do something, it won’t happen.  This project is forging ahead and the ONLY time to have a say and provide the best outcome for everyone, is NOW.

Ausnet Online Question and Answer Sessions

AusNet are hosting Zoom online ‘Question and Answer Sessions’ to apprise the community of what is planned and to allow questions to be put to the project team. It is imperative that as many people attend as possible to become informed, present their views and ask pertinent questions in order to achieve the best outcome for all.

The Sessions are closely spaced and the key dates can be found at:

The Zoom platform provides a safe way of holding online meetings. The Zoom vulnerability that was announced a few months ago has been patched by the vendor and there is no further risk to the platform. Participants can remain anonymous and you do not have to provide details to participate in the meetings.

Write a letter to the Victorian Minister for Planning

Whilst a petition may seem like the optimal means by which to demonstrate public sentiment, it only serves as an individual response to the Minister and only reinforces a single view. 

It is far more effective to provide the Minister with individual letters, each conveying to the Minister the personal views and concerns of the author. 

The attached document can be used as-is, or as a template to be modified as required to provide the Minister with information and concerns that you feel he should be aware of.

Review the Planning Material Yourself

All of the planning submission material is available at the following link:

The main document is at the following link:

Review the material and determine whether it affects you in any way, or whether they’ve missed something that you feel is important enough that it warrants additional consideration.  

Get in touch with the Moorabool & Central Highlands Power Alliance organisers via the Facebook Page and share your issues, concerns or provide additional information that you may feel is relevant to the decision making process.